NCServes – Coastal – April 13, 2018

April 13th, 2018

NCServes-Coastal Community of Practice Webinar


Dear NCServes-Coastal Provider & Supporter,

As you know, Friday, April 13th we will resume our monthly community of practice calls where, as a team, we will discuss local issues and find solutions that will help us improve how we serve our coastal community, especially our veterans, service members and their families.
Invitations have gone out to most providers already, but we wanted to open the aperture for the rest of you to share some exciting news: Representatives from the City of Jacksonville, NC will be joining our call to talk about collaborative efforts underway in our coastal community!
These monthly calls serve as a forum for providers to discuss common practice related issues and to call upon the collective knowledge of the community to solve problems and improve our practice.
NCServes-Coastal and IVMF will also be providing a monthly performance dashboard along with related insights. The dashboard will provide you and your organization with valuable information about how we are serving our military-connected community.
These monthly calls are a part of an exciting new initiative underway at the IVMF called Practice360. Practice360 is a networked learning opportunity that operates within the framework of communities of practice. Communities of practice are groups of people who share a concern or passion for something they do and learn how to do it better as they interact regularly. AmericaServes at IVMF sponsors communities of practice at 3 levels: local, regional, and national. Learn more about AmericaServes and Practice360 HERE.

NCServes-Coastal Community of Practice
Monthly Provider Webinar

Who: All Network Coordinators and Network Providers

When: Every 2nd Friday at 10am – 11am EST
RSVP below.

Why: Build and improve upon our practice of a coordinated approach to service delivery.

Where: For the full audio and visual experience dial into the conference line and join the webinar link.

Webinar Instructions (to view presentation materials):
1. About five minutes before the webinar is about to begin, click the link to join the meeting: it is highly recommended that you join the webinar a few minutes in advance to help troubleshoot any issues before the presentation begins.
Conference line Instructions (for webinar audio):

Call in to the meeting via the conference line below and enter the participant code when prompted.

Participant code: 3197834

Agenda and read-ahead materials will be forthcoming.

Jerrick Vernon, NCServes-Coastal Network Director
Ilario Pantano, Senior Director, Community Services