Jacksonville-Based Coordination Center Delivers 1000+ Services to Coastal Military Families in its 1st Year

Jacksonville, NC – Launched a year ago in Jacksonville, NCServes Coastal is part of a statewide rollout of four regional NCServes networks across North Carolina funded largely by the Walmart Foundation and local philanthropic partners. On December 13, the network celebrates one year of service to over 1,000 military families in Jacksonville.

The four NCServes networks span from Asheville, to Charlotte, to Central Carolina (Triad, RDU/Fayetteville) and the coastal counties covering the majority of North Carolina’s population and installation communities, from the “Mountains to the Sea.” This coverage means veterans have better access to a wider array of services and care than their counterparts do in other states that do not have such networks.

The network is part of a national initiative called AmericaServes from Syracuse University’s Institute for Veterans and Military Families (IVMF). NCServes-Coastal includes more than 50 community agencies and providers across the spectrum of services, working together to make it easier for veterans to find the resources they need.

  • The Four North Carolina NCServes networks, and one South Carolina Network have served 5,000 clients with 11,000 unique needs with the help of 250 local provider partners.
  • The Four North Carolina NCServes networks have served almost 600 US Marine Veterans and more than 40 active duty Marines.
  • NCServes-Coastal fielded 1,089 requests from 549 unique clients in its first year with help from 55 local provider partner.
  • Veterans, military members and families in need of assistance or more information should go to americaserves.org or call 1-844-435-1838.

WHO: Leaders, stakeholders and providers participating in and supporting NCServes and NCServes-Coastal

WHAT: 1-Year Celebration for NCServes-Coastal

WHEN: Wednesday, December 13, 2017 at 1:00 p.m.

WHERE: Jacksonville Country Club Ballroom, 2201 Country Club Road, Jacksonville, NC 28546.