About NCServes – Coastal

About NCServes – Coastal: A coordinated network of public, private and non­profit organizations serving veterans, service members, and their families in the Coastal North Carolina region, utilizing a common technology platform to create accountability and formalize communication, coordination and transparency ­in order to efficiently and effectively guide veterans and their families to the most appropriate services and resources available to achieve their unique goals.

Who We Serve

North Carolina County Map

Veterans Services of the Carolinas is a division of Asheville Buncombe Community Christian Ministry (ABCCM), the Coordination Center for NCServes-Coastal, fosters a collaboration of service providers across 20 counties. Veteran families residing in Onslow, New Hanover, Craven, Brunswick, Carteret, Pender, Columbus, Beaufort, Sampson, Duplin, Bladen, Pamlico, Jones, Hyde, Pitt, Greene, Wilson, Wayne, Lenoir and Robeson Counties will be provided with an opportunity to identify and connect with a wide variety of resources to assist them in receiving the services they need and deserve.

How It Works

Our network continues to work collectively to improve the coordination and direct service delivery to our military and veteran families. By adopting the technology and aggregating our community-­wide data, we are able to more accurately identify and measure:

  • Who is requesting services?
  • What services they are requesting?
  • Availability of those services?
  • Time it takes to meet the need?
  • Most importantly, the individual outcomes as a result of those services delivered?

This would not be possible without the commitment and servant leadership of our partner providers as well as the generous support of our donors. Our community has come together to create a new innovative approach of leveraging existing strengths, philanthropic leadership, and local coordination to better serve our military and veteran families.

Our Funders

NABVETS    NC Works    Roc 4 Vets

About AmericaServes

AmericaServes is a coordinated network of services, resources, and care, that provides direct access for veterans, service members, and their families. AmericaServes consists of local and regional networks that are tailored to meet the unique needs of the communities they serve. NCServes – Coastal is the local AmericaServes network for the coastal region of North Carolina. Each local AmericaServes network consists of vetted service providers, that are connected together through a Coordination Center – a backbone organization that supports the local network by understanding each providers services, capacity and eligibility requirements, and facilitating accurate referrals for network users to receive the services they seek. This means that veterans and military families are connected to providers who understand their unique situation, and provide the services they need, and that providers are able to refer veterans and military families they are unable to serve to the care they need without taking on the time burden associated with linking to another provider or following up. The grand vision of AmericaServes is to establish local networks all around the US such that veterans and service members can receive care and services wherever they are, through a single point of entry into a national network of hundreds of quality providers.